Own a small business and need web marketing management?  Today’s business environment makes it easy to market small businesses in new and exciting ways. Yet social Media, websites, newsletters, and blogs all take time away from a small business owners true love—the small business. We help with time constraints. We manage the website, social media, and other facets of online marketing so that the small business owner can manage the small business.


Blue Heron Moon Web Consulting was founded in 2010, and has been providing quality web marketing management for small businesses ever since. Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, we’ve been doing all kinds of awesome things for local small business. We aim plans at increasing sales, market recognition, and customer interaction.


We work seamlessly as a member of the small business team to create a customer support net to insure that customer’s needs are satisfied. We ensure that quality information about the business, services and products, and sales information gets communicated and disseminated in a  time sensitive manner. Contact us today for your online marketing plan and to find out how we can increase interest in your business and translate that interest into sales.

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